new decade, new look, new content

new decade, new look, new content

Hello my love doves! I have been gone for awhile and I apologise.

Now, you may have noticed that you don’t recognise this blog name. I was previously venusinbooks, but I recently changed to celinamarie as that domain had finally freed up. I felt I couldn’t go wrong by using my name if my interests or content change. I have also recently turned 30 this month, so this felt like a perfect time to start fresh again. My aesthetics are pretty much the same, but my taste in books have slightly changed since I no longer relate to ones targeted at a younger audience.

I haven’t posted and I haven’t been keeping up with any of your own content. This is mainly to do with the fact that I became a Waterstones Bookseller in September 2021! This has been my ideal job since moving from America to England. I get to be surrounded by books and connect with people who share my passion! While this does help open doors and grant me access to more proofs/books, I have been struggling to find a balance between work and my bookish socials. I mean.. it has been over a year!

I am hoping to try out a few scheduling ideas to fit in my blog and bookstagram posts because I do miss it and everyone within those communities! Speaking and connecting with you all is what got me through these chaotic times and I am so grateful to the ones who kept touch during my transition. I am going to be catching up on everyones blogs now that I had time to settle into my new job (already been promoted to senior bookseller). I will prioritise those who comment on this post as a thank you for checking in on me!

My socials have also changed a bit so you can check out my linktree for places to find me ♡

Thank you for reading,