Galleyathon: Round 4

Hello! Today is the start of Galleyathon which is hosted on Twitter and Instagram. For those who don’t know, the purpose of Galleyathon is to clear your Netgalley shelf. It is one week long, running from March 15-21. I just found out about round 4 over the weekend so I haven’t been able to make a post until today. I will be sharing my TBR and how much I plan to participate!

There are prompts, a bingo board, and a self-care challenge. I will attempt to accomplish all three, but I am a slow reader and this is only one week long. I definitely will be doubling up the prompts and bingo books. There will also be bonus challenges on Twitter as well as some sprints and live shows! My current Netgalley ratio is 58%.

The Prompts

  • Your oldest ArcNever Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
    • This hasn’t been on my shelf the longest, but it was originally published in 2010! It is a book I have been meaning to read, so I requested it to make sure I finally do. I have heard nothing but praise for this one.
  • Your newest ArcInto the Crooked Place by Alexandra Christo
    • I have a physical arc of the sequel for a blog tour and they sent me a Netgalley widget for the first book. I am excited to read both this week!
  • Most exciting ArcPerfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales
    • This has already released this month! I meant to read this sooner (obviously), but I had a back injury that I am pretty much fully recovered from now.
  • An Arc you regret requestingFable by Adrienne Young
    • I don’t regret the book, but I regret it because the publisher decided to approve me within days of the release date. Because of this, it has been archived. I can still review it, but I have to get the book myself. I don’t mind since it on Libby, but it is still annoying that it happened.

Bingo Board


I will give a rough idea of what I think would complete the bingo prompts. In no way will I complete the middle, which is to clear my shelf. I have about 24 arcs. But it is possible for the rest of the squares just by completing the previous prompts!

  • Finish A Book – Literally anything fills this
  • Read Your Favourite Genre – Fantasy/Romance – Fable, Perfect on Paper, Into the Crooked Place
  • A Cover With 3+ Colours – Perfect on Paper
  • A Five Star Prediction – Never Let Me Go
  • Clear Your Netgalley Shelf – lol no
  • LGBTQIA+ Rep – Perfect on Paper
  • A New To You Author – All of them
  • A Book That Is Already Released – All of them
  • An Expected Rejection – Fable

Witches Lair Board Game/Self Care Challenge

All the details and instructions can be found at this Google Drive. Basically, every 25% of a book you read (which is one bubble in the photo below) will unlock a self care reward. They have provided self care rewards you can choose from or you can make up your own. The whole thing is very flexible!


Okay, I think this concludes all I need to share about the readathon. Let me know if you will be participating!

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